The "Resource Way" of writing front end code.

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bower install front-end-standards


Resource Front End Standards

Agency developers should:

  • Move quickly.
  • Collaborate.
  • Be consistent.
  • Write quality code.

Following a style guide helps fulfill these requirements. When our code is cohesive it is easier to read and navigate; there is less friction in collaboration and innovation can flourish.

The purpose of our style guides is not to strictly enforce one way of writing code, but rather to provide a mostly agreed-upon approach. A project's developer lead or architect has the freedom to deviate from these standards when appropriate.


Style Sheets


Sublime Text Packages

To aid in style conformity, this project contains a number of "dot" configuration files.


Resource is an OPEN agency and we strongly encourage collaboration and participation in the larger developer community. See our open issues and participate in the conversation.

Creating Issues

  • Provide a descriptive title.
  • Each issue should have at least two labels:
    1. Issue type (Flaw, Enhancement, etc.)
    2. Document affected (JavaScript, CSS, etc.)

Issue Example

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