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bower install gmailui


Build Status GMailUI - a GMail user interface library

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GMailUI is in no way affiliated with Google, Inc.

GMailUI is the missing piece for all those neat GMail extensions out there.

  • Wanna put some nice buttons into GMail to run various little helpers or deal with a special workflow need?
  • Creating a Chrome/Firefox extension or bookmarklet and need a way to integrate with the GMail UI?

then GMailUI is for you.

Check out the bookmarklet sample (you have to drag it to your bookmark bar and run it from within your GMail tab). You can find the bookmarklet here.

GMailUI integrates nicely with joscha/eventr and jamesyu/gmailr or rather joscha/gmailr for an extended CoffeeScript based version.

If you are in the need for some nice button icons that blend in nicely, be sure to check out AdamWhitcroft/CSS3.Gmail.Buttons.





  • Button bar
    • Popup button
      • Checkboxes
      • Buttons
      • Popup menus
      • Sections
      • Error sections
  • Modal dialog
    • Title
    • Content
    • Footer
      • OK/Cancel button
  • Breadcrumb extension (incomplete)

Future & Maintenance

GMailUI is definitely not complete, yet. There are missing features as well as bugs, but the most important point is: whenever GMail changes, GMailUI needs to be adapted, so if you use GMailUI in your extension/bookmarklet, etc. please send pull requests whenever you adapt or extend it. Your help is very much appreciated!

Version history

  • 2014-11-19 - 0.2.0: build update, travis, bower component
  • 2013-01-11 - 0.1: Initial version

Building from source

You can build via grunt.


MIT License, see