Groonga management Web UI for light Groonga users

bower install groonga-admin


Groonga Admin

Groonga Admin is a Web UI to administrate Groonga. Groonga Admin is designed for light Groonga users. It means that users who doesn't know Groonga details can use Groonga Admin.

Groonga Admin is based on client site technologies such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS. So you don't need to install server process. You just publish Groonga Admin by HTTP server provided by Groonga.


Download the latest archive from .

Extract the archive. Then you get groonga-X.Y.Z/ directory and find groonga-X.Y.Z/html/ directory.

Mount the html/ directory in your Groonga HTTP server.

For groonga-server-http, add the following line to your /etc/groonga/groonga.conf:

admin-html-path = /PATH/TO/groonga-admin-X.Y.Z/html

Then restart your groonga-server-http and access to http://localhost:10041/ .

For groonga-httpd, use the following configuration in your groonga-httpd.conf:

location / {
  root /PATH/TO/groonga-admin-X.Y.Z/html;
  index index.html;

Then restart your groonga-httpd and access to http://localhost:10041/ .

For developers


Install tools:

% sudo npm install -g -y yo generator-angular grunt-cli bower
% sudo gem install compass

Clone repository:

% git clone
% cd groonga-admin
% npm install
% bower install

Run Groonga HTTP server. There are some ways to run Groonga HTTP server.

  • Use package
  • Run from command line
  • Use Groonga HTTP server run on other host

Use package:

% sudo apt install -y groonga-server-http

Run from command line:

% groonga --protocol http -s /path/to/database

Use Groonga HTTP server run on other host: Do nothing. You have a work on running Groonga Admin.

Run Groonga Admin:

% grunt serve

If you want to use Groonga HTTP server run on, run Groonga Admin as by the following command line:

% grunt serve