jclic v0.1.47

HTML5 player for JClic activities

Homepage: http://projectestac.github.io/jclic.js

Platform: Bower

Language: JavaScript

License: EUPL-1.1

Keywords: jclic, java, html5, education, puzzle, activities

Repository: https://github.com/projectestac/jclic.js.git

Install: bower install jclic


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JClic.js is an HTML5 player of JClic activities. See a demo on how it works.

JClic and JClic-repo

JClic is a free software project from the Catalan Educational Telematic Network (XTEC) for creating various types of interactive activities such as associations, puzzles, text activities, crosswords or puzzles, from elements of text, graphics and multimedia.

The program includes an authoring tool to create activities, a player and a reporting system that stores the results obtained by students. All these components, along with some guides and tutorials on how to create activities, are available in the clicZone.

JClic is a Java application that runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OS. Full source code and documentation are available on GitHub.

Many teachers from different countries have used JClic to create interactive materials for a wide variety of levels, subjects, languages and curriculum areas. Some of these materials have been collected in a huge library created with jclic-repo, another open source project that will facilitate the publication of collections of JClic projects in static web hosting services.

Known issues

  • Support for special skins are not yet implemented. Only stock skins are available.
  • Playing of MIDI files not yet implemented
  • Loading of big (about 10MB) JClic project files from zipped files can crash on tablets and mobile devices with low memory resources. This is due to a known issue of JSZip.
  • The project has been tested only with the latest versions of Chrome/Chromium and Firefox.

How to build JClic.js

JClic.js uses Node.js modules encapsulated in npm packages. First of all, you must have Node.js (which includes 'npm') installed on your system.

To update npm to the latest version open a terminal and launch:

sudo npm install -g npm

We use Grunt for automation of building tasks. This package must be globally installed:

sudo npm install -g grunt-cli

To install the remaining packages, just go to the project's root directory and write:

npm install

This will install jQuery, Browserify and other needed components into node_modules

To build jclic.js, just invoke:


This will generate the file jclic.min.js on the dist folder.

To test the module and see the demo on your browser, launch the test server:

grunt server

Full API documentation of jclic.js is available at: http://projectestac.github.io/jclic.js/doc

The project is also available as a NPM and Bower packages.

Sponsors that make possible JClic.js

JClic.js is an open-source project sustained by XTEC, the Telematic Network of the Catalan Ministry of Education.

Checking the operation of JClic.js on different browsers and platforms is now possible thanks to virtual machines provided by BrowserStack.

The production releases of JClic.js are smoothly distributed to the final users thanks to the JSDelivr network of servers.

We use Transifex as a platform to translate JClic.js into many languages. Please read TRANSLATIONS.md if you want to contribute to the project creating a new translation or improving the existing ones.


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v0.1.47 May 16, 2017
v0.1.46 April 25, 2017
v0.1.45 March 20, 2017
v0.1.44 March 15, 2017
v0.1.43 February 28, 2017
v0.1.42 February 20, 2017
v0.1.41 February 13, 2017
v0.1.40 November 23, 2016
v0.1.39 November 11, 2016
v0.1.38 November 02, 2016
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