A jQuery-Plugin to perform actions on links to the knights of the stupid german law called "Leistungsschutzrecht für Presseverlage".

jquery, lsr, leistungsschutzrecht
bower install jq-lsr


jQuery LSR-Filter

A jQuery-Plugin to perform actions on links to the knights of the stupid german law called "Leistungsschutzrecht für Presseverlage". Learn more

This plugin uses this repository to read the domain-blacklist. To use another blacklist set the URL using the domainlist option.


Using bower

bower install jq-lsr --save
<!-- in <head> -->
<link href="path/to/bower_components/jq-lsr/dist/jquery.lsr.min.css" rel="stylesheet"/>

<!-- before </body> -->
<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.1.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="path/to/bower_components/jq-lsr/dist/jquery.lsr.min.js"></script>

Using RawGit CDN

<!-- in <head> -->
<link href="https://cdn.rawgit.com/magdev/jq-lsr/master/jquery.lsr.min.css" rel="stylesheet"/>

<!-- before </body> -->
<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.1.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="https://cdn.rawgit.com/magdev/jq-lsr/master/dist/jquery.lsr.min.js"></script>


The filter can be applied to a and link elements or containers. If the selected target is an anchor-tag, additional actions can be applied to parent elements using the parentSelector option. If the selected target is a container, the parent element is always the container. In the latter case you should be careful with the filterMode remove!

Fiddle with jq-lsr

Basic example

Unlink all matched links on the page


Using data-* attributes

Confirm all matched links in a container

<div data-filter="lsr" data-filter-mode="confirm">
    <!-- content -->

More advanced examples

Remove Paragraphs within a container which contain matched links

$('.container a').lsr({
    filterMode: 'remove',
    parentSelector: 'p'

Remove an entire container which contains matched links

    filterMode: 'remove'

Use a custom FilterMatch handler

Disable all matched links within a container and display a warning alert

    onFilterMatch: function($el, $parent, url, domain) {
        $el.off('click').click(function(ev) {
            alert('You really shouln\'t read this crap!');

Perform an action on blacklist updates

Log blacklist updates to the console

    onUpdateList: function(data, ts, url, status) {


    // Source-URL pointing to a blacklist, will be stored locally
    domainlist: 'https://cdn.rawgit.com/magdev/leistungsschutzgelderpresser/master/domains.json',
    // Update interval, can be off, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly
    updateInterval: 'weekly',
    // Force an update
    forceUpdate: false,
    // Enable debug-mode
    debug: false,
    // Handler for matched links
    onFilterMatch: onFilterMatch,
    // Do something after the list has been updated
    onUpdateList: onUpdateList,
    // Predefined filters, can be unlink, marker, warning, remove or confirm
    filterMode: 'unlink',
    // Apply action to a parent element
    parentSelector: null,
    // Class to add to links
    elementClass: 'lsr-link',
    // Class to add to parent elements
    parentClass: 'lsr-link-parent',
    // Class for warning message
    warningClass: 'lsr-warning',
    // Class for message on removed content
    messageClass: 'lsr-message',
    // Language specific strings
    // All strings may contain the placeholders ##domain## and ##url##
    lang: {
        // Tooltip on unlinked strings
        link_removed: 'Link removed',
        // Message for removed contents, set to null for no message
        content_removed: 'Content removed',
        // Warning message
        warning: 'WARNING! Contains LSR-related Links',
        // Confirmation message
        confirm: 'The link goes to ##domain##! Are you sure you want to follow this link?'


  • Automated tests
  • Apply styles to examples
  • Error-Handling


This software is released under the MIT-License