A simple jQuery plugin for a slick typing effect.

bower install jquery.typer



jquery.typer.js can be used one of two ways:

Type once with typeTo()

If you just want to use the effect once, use typeTo(). It can be used as follows:

$('h3').typeTo("New Text");

This will do a one-time transition.

Type indefinitely with typer()

Now let's say you want to loop over a set of strings for the typing effect. Easy!


That code will start the effect on all elements with the data-typer-targets attribute.

You obviously need to supply it with some source data. The data-typer-targets attribute can be either a comma-separated string or a piece of JSON.


There are some options that are available to you as well:

// Defaults
  highlightSpeed    : 20,
  typeSpeed         : 100,
  clearDelay        : 500,
  typeDelay         : 200,
  clearOnHighlight  : true,
  typerDataAttr     : 'data-typer-targets',
  typerInterval     : 2000

Set the options individually:

$.typer.options.highlightSpeed = 500;


jquery.typer.js was originally developed for LayerVault by Kelly Sutton.

You can see more projects from LayerVault in the LayerVault Cosmos.