Simple knockout binding that wraps jQuery UI's date picker script for a range of inputs.

knockout, datepicker, jquery.ui
bower install knockout-date-range-picker


Knockout Date Range Picker Binding

A simple knockout binding that allows you to select a date range.

Install with Bower

bower install knockout-date-range-picker

Then add knockout-date-range-picker.js to your project.

How to Use

Include the script on your page (either via a normal script tag or via an AMD loader). Then bind it to a div. You can bind a start date or end date for masking ranges allow dates in the future or toggle allowing today as a start date by using the arguments in the binding example below.

Date Range Picker

<div data-bind="datePicker: { start: startDate, end: endDate, allowFutureDates: false, allowTodayStartDate: false }">
  <input class="with-datepick startDate" data-bind="value: startDate" placeholder="Start Date" />
    <input class="with-datepick endDate" data-bind="value: endDate" placeholder="End Date" />