A lightweight, responsive scss boilerplate.

bower install maxsboilerplate



This boilerplate is very easy to use, just clone the repository, cd into it, and have Sass watch the scss/global.scss file. Then you're on your way. If you're using an application like CodeKit, you do not need to have Sass watch the scss/global.scss file.

Step 1

git clone ; cd scss-boilerplate/

Step 2

If you're not using a third party application to compile your sass, below is the command to watch the file.

sass --watch scss/global.scss:css/global.css --style compressed

Simply pull down the latest version, and get going. This boilerplate is very lightweight, and doesn't have any dependencies. Just have Sass watch the global.scss file, and you're on your way. With the --style flag set to compressed, your CSS will be minified. If you want nested CSS, remove the style flag.