A dependency free, simple & clean dropdown

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bower install ng-simple-dropdown



A dependency free Angular dropdown menu that is sleek, simple and fast.


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  • Install the following bower component

    bower install ng-simple-dropdown --save
  • Add dropdown.js to your page, then add it to your list of Angular modules like so.

    angular.module('app', [
  • Optional: Reference dropdown.css stylesheet or modify for your own styles. In fact, if you plan on putting your own content inside the dropdown you will definitely need to make your own.


This is just a short example how you can use dropdown with the default options and styles provided in this repository.

<div dropdown>
  <i class="icon ion-more dropdownToggle"></i>
  <div class="dropdownMenu" ng-show="showDropdown">
    <a ng-click="editPost()>Edit</a>
  • Note dropdown is required to to specify the start of a directive.
  • You'll need the .dropdownToggle class as a specification to what will open the the .dropdownMenu
  • ng-show="showDropdown" is also required if you want to actually toggle, this is done so that your controller can actually watch this variable.


On the same element where you declared the dropdown directive, you can also add some attributes to change the functionality of the dropdown.

Attribute Values Description
dropdown-position right, left, center Aligns the dropdown depending on this value and the position of the dropdownToggle. Default right
dropdown-offset Integer Adds extra pixels to the positioning of the dropdown. This is useful if you have an arrow on top of your dropdown that needs to be positioned correctly
dropdown-lock-body-scroll Boolean If this is set to true, it will lock the body preventing it from scrolling while the dropdown is open. Useful if you are using dropdown with some sort of scrolling