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bower install okvideo



OKVideo is a jQuery plugin that allows for YouTube or Vimeo videos to be used as full-screen backgrounds on webpages. OKVideo aims to be customizable while making some basic decisions about how the plugin should control video. When using OKVideo, all videos will be served from Vimeo or YouTube based on a number of variables like browser, device, bandwidth, etc.

OKVideo uses the new YouTube IFrame API which does not require any Flash objects to be present on your website. This means that mobile devices will play video served by OKVideo. Content from Vimeo is served in a similar manner, although sometimes their videos will still be served in Flash.

Tested and working in Safari 5.1+, Chrome, Firefox 3.6+, IE 8+, Mobile Safari, Chrome for iOS.


After including jQuery and the OKVideo plugin, instantiate OKVideo like so:

  $.okvideo({ video: '[:id]' }) // [:id] refers to a YouTube or Vimeo ID

OKVideo conveniently will accept and parse full urls from YouTube or Vimeo:

  $.okvideo({ video: '[:url]' }) // [:url] refers to a YouTube or Vimeo URL

Want a YouTube playlist? I got u.

  $.okvideo({ playlist: {
                list: '[:id]', // a YT playlist id
                suggestedQuality: '[:quality]'

OKVideo accepts a number of options. The below will embed a high definition video from YouTube with the audio set to 50% and log something to the console once the video has completed:

      source: '[:url]',
      volume: 50,
      hd: true,
      onFinished: function(){
          console.log('finished video!')

You can also simply pass an id or url if no other options are desired:

  $.okvideo('[:url]') // [:url] refers to a YouTube or Vimeo URL

YouTube API Access

OKVideo gives you access to all of the YouTube player events. You can listen for all of the available player states: unstarted, ended, playing, paused, buffering, and cued. To listen for them simply pass OKVideo a function to the corresponding option noted below.


option description default type
video an id or url from vimeo or youtube null string
disablekeyControl enable or disable key control (youtube videos only) true boolaen
captions enable or disable captions (youtube videos only) false boolean
loop loop the video true boolean
high def control hd playback (youtube videos only) false boolean
volume control the volume (from 0 to 100) 0 number
annotations toggle annotations true boolean
autoplay autoplay the video true boolean
controls show player controls (youtube only) false boolean
onFinished listen for the "finished" event null function
unstarted listen for the "unstarted" event null function
onReady listen for the "ready" event null function
onPlay listen for the "play" event null function
onPause listen for the "pause" event null function
buffering listen for the "buffering" event null function
cued listen for the "cued" event null function
playlist.list an id of a YouTube playlist null string
playlists.index which video the playlist begins with 0 number
playlists.startSeconds how many seconds into the first video to begin with 0 number
playlists.suggestedQuality the resolution of the video "default" string (small, medium, large, hd720, hd1080, highres, default)


OKFocus tests with Jasmine. Once you've cloned the repo run bundle and then rake jasmine to test the source.