Responsive Modal / Dialog window for jQuery, Zepto and AngularJS

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bower install pgwmodal



The full documentation and an example are available on


According to your system, select the preferred installation mode:


Download the plugin by cliking the button Download ZIP on the right.
To get the plugin updates, fork it on Github and regularly verify your plugin version.

Node / NPM

npm install pgwmodal


jQuery 1.0 or Zepto.js 1.0 (minimal version)


All issues or pull requests must be submitted through GitHub.

  • To report an issue or a feature request, please use GitHub Issues.
  • To make a pull request, please create a new branch for each feature or issue.


  • Version 2 (newest)

    • 2014-08-23 - The version 2.0 has been released, it brings improvements and new functionalities:
      • Refactoring HTML and CSS.
      • The title bar can be totally removed.
      • Automatic repositioning after resizing or orientation change.
      • 3 new closing functionalities: "Close on escape" (enabled by default), "Close on background click" (enabled by default), and customization of the image/link (Defaults to the current black cross).
      • This version prevents the gap on the background content at the opening of the modal.
      • WARNING Several parameters have been renamed: "close" option becomes "closable", "loading" option becomes "loadingContent", and "error" option becomes "errorContent".
  • Version 1 (deprecated)

    • 2014-08-21 - Fix for reposition function by Hummerpj (Version 1.5)
    • 2014-07-02 - Fix for Zepto (Version 1.4)
    • 2014-05-30 - Added 4 modal events. View details on (Version 1.3)
    • 2014-05-29 - IE8 bug fix : Delete window object / YUI compressor fix : Angular compilation (Version 1.2.2)
    • 2014-04-24 - Added the "isOpen" function (Version 1.2)
    • 2014-03-20 - Update of default modal style (Version 1.1)