Easy authentication plugin for PouchDB/CouchDB

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bower install pouchdb-authentication


PouchDB Authentication

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Easy user authentication for PouchDB/CouchDB.

var db = new PouchDB('http://mysite:5984/mydb', {skip_setup: true});
db.logIn('batman', 'brucewayne').then(function (batman) {
  console.log("I'm Batman.");
  return db.logOut();


You know what's hard? Security. You know what makes security really easy? CouchDB.

That's right, CouchDB is more than a database: it's also a RESTful web server with a built-in authentication framework. And it boasts some top-notch security features:

  • salts and hashes passwords automatically with PBKDF2
  • stores a cookie in the browser
  • refreshes the cookie every 10 minutes (default)

And best of all, CouchDB does it with good ol'-fashioned HTTP. Just open up the network tab and watch the JSON fly back and forth.

To get started, just install CouchDB, throw in a little SSL, and you've got everything you need for your site's authentication.

Project status

This plugin uses vanilla CouchDB. The goal is to give you a lightweight authentication API that doesn't require anything fancy – no additional server daemons, no third-party providers, just straight-up Pouch and Couch.

So this is more of a reference implementation than an all-in-one solution. If there's a feature missing that you need, you will probably need to write a custom server (see the CouchDB Authentication recipes section for details).

Since version 1.0.0, this plugin does support Node.js.

Using PouchDB Authentication


PouchDB Authentication follows semantic versioning. To see a changelog with all PouchDB Authentication releases, check out the Github releases page.


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PouchDB Authentication is heavily tested, so you'll also want to check out the testing guide.