A collection of vector preprocessor logos.

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bower install preprocessor-logos


Preprocessor Logos

A collection of single-colour, vector preprocessor logos, a la Browser Logos.

At Chloi Inc., we work with preprocessors pretty frequently. We even built a static web server with some of the best preprocessors build in: it’s called Harp. This repo contains the logos we collected along the way and more, with the help of some awesome contributors. We hope it’s useful.


The CoffeeScript logo in black.
The CoffeeScript logo.
The Jade logo in black.
The Jade logo.
The Stylus logo in black.
The Stylus logo.
The Markdown logo in black.
The Markdown logo. This is a optimised SVG from Dustin Curtis’ Markdown marks, where more configurations are available.
The Sass logo in black.
The Sass logo. The Sass team kindly makes using their logo easy. Additional CC licenced configurations are available in the Sass brand guidelines.
The LESS logo in black.
The LESS logo. This is a reproduction as is no official, one-colour version is available.
The Autoprefixer logo in black.
The Autoprefixer logo. It’s technically a post-processor, but let’s not get too picky.
The Haml logo.
The Haml logo.

Getting started

Download a zip file of all the logos, or include it as a dependency with your preferred package manager:

With npm

npm install --save-dev chloi/preprocessor-logos

With Bower

bower install --save-dev preprocessor-logos


Looking to contribute? That’s awesome! Here’s some extensions to the project we would happily accept help with:

  • Finding a full colour, vector version of the LESS logo
  • The addition of your favourite absent preprocessor, as long as it’s being actively used by the community and the logo is in the same format as the others
  • Any SVG-related cleanup or advice

Thanks for considering contributing, and feel free to open an issue if you have any questions.


All logos and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The license and trademark behind any re-created vector logos are also property of their respective owners.

If you represent the entity that has the rights over a logo and you want, for whatever reason, that logo removed from this project, open an issue requesting its takedown and we will remove it as soon as possible.

The SVG code for recreated logos is Copyright © 2013–2015 Chloi Inc. Available under The MIT License (MIT).