(deprecated, please use lib-js) Pryv Javascript library for browsers & Node.js

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bower install pryv


NPM version


This library is deprecated, please use the v2 version at


This is the javascript client library for Pryv.IO, a data store for your private data. This library allows easy access to the Pryv.IO API from different javascript environments.


This library will allow you to use Pryv.IO functionality from almost anywhere javascript can be run. Here's a usage example:

const pryv = require('pryv');
const api = new pryv.Connection({
  username: 'PRYVIO_USERNAME',

api.streams.get(null, function(error, streams) {
  // streams contains an array of streams

const filter = new pryv.Filter({ limit: 20 });, function(error, events) {
  // events contains the last 20 events in your Pryv.IO account

Here are some usage examples to try out right now:


To use this library in your client-side javascript projects, you can include it directly from this url:

Here's the full script tag:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

For use in your nodejs projects, you can simply do either

$ npm install pryv

or - if you use yarn:

$ yarn add pryv

The above will also work for webpack based builds, allowing you to use pryv as part of your application package.

If you encounter a situation where importing or requiring this library does not work, please let us know by filing a github issue. We want this to work in as many places as possible, but the situation around javascript environments is complex.



Read, then run ./scripts/

To build this project, use grunt:

  • builds documentation into dist/{version}/docs
  • browserifies the lib into dist/{version} as well as dist/latest for browser standalone distribution
  • runs the tests, outputting coverage info into test/coverage.html

Also: grunt test & grunt watch (runs tests on changes)

./scripts/update-event-types.bash updates the default event types and extras by fetching the latest master versions online.

After building, run ./scripts/ "Commit message" to push changes from dist to gh-pages branch.


Pryv provides this software for educational and demonstration purposes with no support or warranty.


Revised BSD license