The evil, fumbling, JavaScript free, slide thingy

bower install slideshowbob



A slide framework powered by :checked

Once again I did a talk and as usual I got caught up in the meta process of slide creation, this project is what happened.

Check out the example deck

See demo deck for awesome :checked powered slides to impress all your friends.

Works nicely on mobile

The slide animation is hardware accelerated so it's smooth as butter on mobiles.

Powerful build system

I have a build system in place not to make CSS more complicated but to take the complication out of this project. It uses SASS so I can create a helpful mixin to generate the mind melting selectors needed to do the slide system, autoprefixer to add prefixes based on data and CSSLint to make sure nothing silly is done.

Get setup

  1. Install node.js
  2. Run npm install grunt-cli if you don't already have grunt >=0.4.0 installed.
  3. Inside this project folder run npm install to get the dependencies
  4. Run grunt to generate files inside dist folder.

Adjust slide count

Unfortunately this slide system needs to know your total slide count in order to function correctly, thankfully SASS makes this really easy. Just update the $slide-count variable in the _variables.scss file and run grunt to re-generate the CSS.

Markup order is important

You must follow the convention of the example slide deck when creating your markup. Radio inputs need to appear at the top for each slide.

<div class="slideshowbob">
    <input type="radio" checked autofocus id="slideshowbob1" name="slider">
    <input type="radio" id="slideshowbob2" name="slider">

    <div class="slideshowbob__container">
        <div class="slideshowbob__slide">
          <div class="slideshowbob__slide__content">
            <!-- Any html content for slide can go here -->
    <!-- ... More slides -->

    <!-- Slide controls must appear here with for attribute matching correct radio input -->
    <div class="slideshowbob__controls">
        <label for="slideshowbob1"></label>
        <label for="slideshowbob2"></label>

    <!-- Completely optional, only needed if you want the progress bar at the bottom of the window -->
    <div class="slideshowbob__progress"></div>


If you use the bleeding edge version of SASS you can generate a sourcemap file so debugging in the browser is awesome. The example slide deck has a sourcemap file already included.