Based off textAngular but modified to accept custom icons

bower install textAngular-speakup


textAngular v1.2.0

Demo is available at: http://www.textangular.com


  1. AngularJS1.2.x ;
  2. Angular Sanitize1.2.x.

Optional requirements

  1. Bootstrap 3.x for the default styles
  2. Font-Awesome 4.x for the default icons on the toolbar
  3. Rangy 1.x for better activeState detection and more dynamic plugins, also the selectionsaverestore module.


  1. Get textAngular via bower install textAngular, using the cdn at http://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/textAngular/1.2.0/textAngular.min.js or from the github page https://github.com/fraywing/textAngular/releases/latest
  2. Include textAngular.js or textAngular.min.js in your project using script tags
  3. Add a dependency to textAngular in your app module, for example: angular.module('myModule', ['textAngular']).
  4. Create an element to hold the editor and add an ng-model="htmlVariable" attribute where htmtlVariable is the scope variable that will hold the HTML entered into the editor:
<div text-angular ng-model="htmlVariable"></div>


<text-angular ng-model="htmlVariable"></div>

This acts similar to a regular AngularJS / form input if you give it a name attribute, allowing for form submission and AngularJS form validation.

Have fun!

Important Note: Though textAngular supports the use of all attributes in it's input, please note that angulars ng-bind-html WILL strip out all of your style attributes.

For Additional options see the github Wiki.


textAngular uses execCommand for the rich-text functionality. That being said, its still a fairly experimental browser feature-set, and may not behave the same in all browsers - see http://tifftiff.de/contenteditable/compliance_test.html for a full compliance list. It has been tested to work on Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer 8+. If you find something, please let me know - throw me a message, or submit a issue request!

Developer Notes

When checking out, you need a node.js installation, running npm install will get you setup with everything to run the unit tests and minification.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.


Special thanks to all the contributions thus far!

Including those from: