Tilt device to scroll a webpage page with configurable options and events.

bower install tiltscroll


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Tilt device to scroll a webpage page with configurable options and events.


  1. in browser <script src="dist/tiltscroll.js"></script>
  2. bower bower install tiltscroll

getting started

  1. call tiltscroll in your script

  2. (optional) pass in various options

    1. smoothing
    2. timeout
    3. minVelocity
    4. speed
        'smoothing': 0.1, // smoothen device tilt data from accelerometer
        'timeout': 10000, // disable scroll by tilting by this time (in millisenconds)
        'minVelocity': 0.03, // minimum tilt change (in deg) below which the timeout will trigger
        'speed': 10 // speed of scrolling

    The above values are set by default and are overridden if the user specifies them.

  3. (optional) listen for events

    1. scrolltiltStatusChange
    2. scrollTiltInProgress
    window.addEventListener('scrolltiltStatusChange', function(event) {
        console.log(event.status); // scroll by device tilting is enabled or disabled
        console.log(event.zeroPositionAngle); // zero position tilt angle for scrolling reference
        console.log(event.zeroPositionScrollHeight); // zero position scroll height for scrolling reference
    window.addEventListener('scrollTiltInProgress', function(event) {
        console.log(event.velocity); // change in tilt degree
        console.log(event.displacement); // change from zero position tilt degree
        console.log(event.tiltTB); // current tilt degrees
        console.log(event.scrollHeight); // current scroll position


  1. How To Make Tilt Scrolling That Doesn’t Suck by Marco Arment
  2. Tilt - acceleremeter scroll plugin
  3. Detecting device orientation by MDN
  4. This End Up: Using Device Orientation by HTML5Rocks


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  3. For major release, run grunt bump:major


(C) Sayanee Basu 2014, released under an MIT license