Javascript widget to aggregate and display one or more public Google Calendar feeds

bower install upcoming



Let your visitors know what events are upcoming with this Javascript widget that aggregates and displays data from public Google Calendar feeds.

  • See the demo here.
  • See commented examples of how to embed upcoming.js here.


Google Calendar makes it easy to have and maintain a public calendar. There is even an official Google Calendar Widget that can be embedded into a web page. However, this project seeks to be an alternative widget that is themeable, compact, and supports multiple public feeds in a single display.

Built in Javascript and HTML, this project allows a simple and dynamic embedding of aggregate event data based on the JSON version of the gdata API.


  • Aggregate multiple Google Calendar feeds into a single Javascript+HTML widget.
  • Upcoming events are ordered by "proximity" to the current date.
  • Intuitive categories of "Today", "This Week", "Next Week", etc. are used to organize and prioritize.
  • Event details are hidden and shown inline (by clicking the "+") to allow for a compact representation.
  • Use CSS Styling to customize with your own colors, text, etc.
  • Embed multiple instances on a single page
  • MIT License

Based On

A special thanks to the following projects: