A validation library for Knockout (KnockoutJS).

bower install valerie



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A validation library for Knockout.

Features include:

  • value parsing and formatting
  • property validation
  • model and sub-model validation
  • rule chaining
  • value bindings
  • CSS bindings
  • static and dynamic validation summaries
  • easy to extend, localise, customise
  • fits in with your markup
  • extensive unit tests
  • designed to work with older browsers (just like Knockout itself)


KnockoutJS. That's it.


Visit for samples and the latest news.


Can be found here.


Howard Richards of Conficient has kindly created TypeScript definitions for valerie.

What Files Do I Need?

The File Contents section describes the content of each file in the release. As a rule of thumb, if you're developing a system for use:

  • in the UK, download valerie-en-gb.min.js
  • in the US, download valerie-en-us.min.js
  • anywhere else, download valerie-en.min.js

Download the unminified version if you need to debug valerie. For example, if you're developing a system for use in the UK then download valerie-en-gb.js.

File Contents

  • valerie-core.js, valerie-core.min.js
    • binding handlers and helper functions
    • DOM helper functions
    • formatting functions
    • classes for holding the validating states of models and properties
    • utility functions
  • valerie.js, valerie.min.js
    • all of the above
    • the standard valeries converters and rules
    • and a fluent interface for using them
  • valerie-en.js, valerie-en.min.js
    • all of the above
    • English message strings
  • valerie-en-gb.js, valerie-en-gb.min.js
    • all of the above
    • a Postcode converter and fluent methods for using it
  • valerie-en-us.js, valerie-en-us.min.js
    • all of the above (excluding any localisation)
    • settings for currency and date converters

Documentaion contains the API documentation for the release code. Unzip the archive and browse the index.html file.