Valid8r JavaScript module - Validate data in PHP, JavaScript & Node using a common JSON Configuration File.

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bower install valid8r_js


Valid8r - Validation for multiple programming languages.

Valid8r for JavaScript

Valid8r is a validation library for multiple programming languages using a common JSON configuration file. Learn more about Valid8r and the configuration file at:


Valid8r for JavaScript really only has one file you need. If you don't care about testing, examples, etc, you can simply grab the valid8r.js file from the lib folder:

Alternatively, you can clone this repo and get examples, a Node Server to run them and the source files (written in CoffeeScript.)

Or install with Bower on the command line:

bower install valid8r_js

Or via a bower.json file:

	"name": "MyApp",
	"dependencies": {
		"valdi8r_js": "*"


There is an Express app that will serve up the Kitchen Sink. You can check them out by cloning this repo and running the npm commands:

git clone
cd valid8r_js
npm install
npm start

Here's a quick idea of how it works in JavaScript:

var Valid8r = new Valid8r;
config = {
  bindToBlur: true, // tell Valid8r to check fields as users leave them.
  form: '#my-form', // let Valid8r control the form submit 
  rules: rules, // you need to read these in yourself - best to have your sever-side language inject them into the page.
  callback: function (field,err) {
    // err will be null if no error was found on field.
v = new Valid8r(config)

Custom Validators

Custom validators must either be placed on the special customValidators property of the Valid8r configuration object, or as global functions attached to the window. The former being the recommended method:

config = {
  rules: require('./form_configs/kitchen-sink.json'),
  data: req.body,
  customValidators: {
    customValidator: require('./customValidator'),
    anotherCustomValidator: function(field, error, cb) {
      if (field != 'someCustomValue') {
        cb(field, 'Some Custom Errror');
        return false;
      return true;

Asynchronous Validation (via AJAX)

Updated in v0.0.7 - The Custom Validators in the JavaScript module now receive a third argument - the callback function. They are responsible for calling this function on their own (allowing for asynchronous validation.) It is important to note that you should make any custom validators performing asynchronous calls the last rule in their set, and should add an async property to the rule, equal to true:

{ "rule": "custom", "func":"myAsynchronousValidator", "async":true} 

Asynchronous validators will not be run on submit! After all, how silly is it to go to the server to validate one piece of data before submitting all of the data to the server?

Mocha Tests

If you access the examples you'll find the Mocah Browser tests.