A simple JavaScript Validation Engine

JavaScript Validation
bower install valigatorjs



ValigatorJS is a simple JavaScript library that can run validation rules. The library is small and concentrates purely on data validation and does not include html element validations. This allows the developers full freedom in separating out the view and model concerns.

This is an early pre-alpha commit. This should not be used in production or for development yet.


The library expects lodash ( to be loaded and available.

Code Example

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Most of the JavaScript validation libraries work mostly with HTML elements and ties to events raised by the elements. As such, most of them are tied to jQuery or need some kind of DOM manipulation. These libraries also come with their set of CSS, HTML templating or is created specifically for libraries such as Bootstrap, Foundation or jQuery UI.

The goal of this simple library is to not get involved with CSS frameworks or tie you down to using a framework specific HTML styling or templating. This library exists purely to validate your JavaScript model and leaves the DOM manipulation, styling and other details to the user. I might include a few examples in the future on how to integrate it with some frameworks, just to give an idea.


NOTE: This library is currently in its early stages of development
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API Reference

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