A tiny library for managing client-side views

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bower install viewmaster



A tiny library for managing client-side views

How it works

ViewMaster takes a single DOM element, (the context), and transitions pieces of markup (views) in and out of that context. ViewMaster uses user-defined functions (called transitions) to manage the moving of views in and out. It also comes with a few ready-made transitions.


ViewMaster exposes a global object, View. ViewMaster needs a context to operate on, so let's give it one. You can pass any valid jQuery selector to View.context().


Next we'll need some views. The most effective way to store the views in the DOM is in a <script> tag, since these are not parsed by the browser.

  <script id="hello">
    <h1>Hello, world!</h1>

Now that we have a view, let's tell ViewMaster about it. We do this with a call to View.view(), which takes the view name and a jQuery selector. ViewMaster will query that selector, and take the HTML contents of the first matching element.

  View.view('hello', '#hello');

Finally, it's time to go to a view! We use View.go() to navigate the context to a view, passing in the view name (which we defined earlier), and optionally a transition name. ViewMaster ships with a transition called slideLeft, so we'll use that.

  View.go('hello', 'slideLeft');

Note that we didn't actually have to pass in slideLeft, since it's the default transition. That line could have been written simply as:


That's it! Go build something cool.