jQuery WAI ARIA Compatible Checkbox Plugin

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bower install waria-checkbox


jQuery WAI-ARIA Plugin for Checkbox


The scope of this jQuery plugin is to hide the difference between canonical checkbox HTML elements and generic WAI-ARIA versions, when using jQuery selectors like :checkbox and :checked or the .prop() method of jQuery objects.

How it works

Let say we have an HTML snippet as follow:

<input type="checkbox" />
<input type="checkbox" checked="checked" />
<div role="checkbox" aria-checked="true">I'm a WAI ARIA checkbox</div>
<div role="checkbox" aria-checked="false">I'm a WAI ARIA checkbox</div>

So assistive technologies able to understand WAI ARIA can find 4 checkbox inside that page.

But there are two jQuery selectors not able do recognize ARIA versions.


Let say we want to run the code below:


The result on this command on the page above will be '2', while we have 4 checkbox-like elements here.


Let say we want to run the code below:


The result on this command on the page above will be '1' at load time, or this value could be also '0' or '2' if you play with the HTML input checkbox element, but the div with checkbox role are never counted.

Fix those issues

Installing this jQuery plugin will change the way jQuery use those selectors. HTML elements with role="checkbox" are now part of the :checkbox selector, and the aria-checked is now analyzed when querying for :checked elements.

Fixing .prop() usage

jQuery methods like .prop() (and removeProp() also) used on real checkbox objects can be used to switch of the the checked state. This plugin will intercept those kind of call to WAI ARIA compatible checkbox, translating the call to the proper attribute change. So:

  • a call to .prop() will return the boolean check state
  • a call to .prop(checkState) will change the aria-checked attribute to true" or "false"


You can install this plugin by manually downloading it, or use bower:

bower install waria-checkbox