AWS-LC is a general-purpose cryptographic library maintained by the AWS Cryptography team for AWS and their customers. This is the FIPS validated version of AWS-LC.



aws-lc-rs aws-lc-sys aws-lc-fips-sys

AWS Libcrypto for Rust

aws-lc-rs is a cryptographic library using AWS-LC for its cryptographic operations. This library strives to be API-compatible with the popular Rust library named ring (v0.16). It uses either the auto-generated aws-lc-sys or aws-lc-fips-sys Foreign Function Interface (FFI) crates found in this repository for invoking AWS-LC.


A ring-compatible crypto library using the cryptographic operations provided by AWS-LC using either aws-lc-sys or aws-lc-fips-sys.

Autogenerated Low-level AWS-LC bindings for the Rust programming language. We do not recommend directly relying on these bindings.

Autogenerated Low-level AWS-LC bindings for the Rust programming language, providing FIPS support. We do not recommend directly relying on these bindings. This crate provides bindings to AWS-LC-FIPS 2.x, which has completed FIPS validation testing by an accredited lab and has been submitted to NIST for certification. The static build of AWS-LC-FIPS is used. (See README).

Refer to the NIST Cryptographic Module Validation Program's Modules In Progress List for the latest status of the static or dynamic AWS-LC Cryptographic Module. A complete list of supported operating environments will be made available in the vendor security policy once the validation certificate has been issued. We will also update our release notes and documentation to reflect any changes in FIPS certification status.


Please see the build instructions in the aws-lc-rs crate.


Rust developers increasingly need to deploy applications that meet US and Canadian government cryptographic requirements. We evaluated how to deliver FIPS validated cryptography in idiomatic and performant Rust, built around our AWS-LC offering. We found that the popular ring (v0.16) library fulfilled much of the cryptographic needs in the Rust community, but it did not meet the needs of developers with FIPS requirements. Our intention is to contribute a drop-in replacement for ring that provides FIPS support and is compatible with the ring API. Rust developers with prescribed cryptographic requirements can seamlessly integrate aws-lc-rs into their applications and deploy them into AWS Regions.

Questions, Feedback and Contributing

We use GitHub Issues for managing feature requests, bug reports, or questions about aws-lc-rs API usage.

Otherwise, if you think you might have found a security impacting issue, please instead follow our Security Notification Process below.

Security Notification Process

If you discover a potential security issue in AWS-LC or aws-lc-rs, we ask that you notify AWS Security via our vulnerability reporting page. Please do not create a public GitHub issue.

If you package or distribute aws-lc-rs, or use aws-lc-rs as part of a large multi-user service, you may be eligible for pre-notification of future aws-lc-rs releases. Please contact


This library is licensed under the Apache-2.0 or the ISC License.