An asynchronous app and 2d game framework

gamedev, graphics, gui, wgpu, rust, sprites



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Kludgine is named in a way to hopefully be ironic in nature, but it's being designed and written by a developer that is fairly new to modern graphics programming and rust. Thus, it is probably a kludge.

Kludgine is a Rust library built on rgx. The goal is to expose a high-level, fully async/await API for rendering 2d graphics efficiently.

Why use Kludgine? Well frankly, you probably shouldn't right now, because it's not even considered alpha.

For the forseeable future, this engine will be focused on graphics, and will not integrate an ECS. If there's a good reason to bring anything else directly in, I will try to keep it modular or opt-in.

This is being developed by and for Khonsu Labs partially as a learning experience. I hope it will be useful to others eventually.

This code is licensed under the MIT license.