The hottest HTML5 + WASM game engine for games written in Rust with web-sys.

Table of contents

  1. Installation
  2. Project Setup
  3. Building for development and production
  4. Roadmap


  1. Make sure that you have latest node.js with npm tools installed (
  2. Make sure that you have latest wasm-pack toolset installed (
  3. Make sure that you have latest oxygengine-ignite cargo package installed (cargo install --force oxygengine-ignite)

Project Setup

Create Oxygen Engine project with oxygengine-ignite:

cd /path/to/parent/
oxygengine-ignite new <project-name>

Which will create default web game project using web-composite-game preset. Then you have to go to your project directory and run npm install to install all nodejs dependencies. You can create projects with different presets:

  • desktop-headless-game - typical server-like project without graphics.


cd /path/to/parent/
oxygengine-ignite new <project-name> -p desktop-headless-game

You can also tell it where to create project:

oxygengine-ignite new <project-name> -d /path/to/parent/

Building for development and production

  • Launch live development with hot reloading (app will be automatically recompiled in background):
npm start
  • Build production distribution (will be available in /dist folder):
npm run build
  • Build crate without of running dev env:
cargo build --all

TODO / Roadmap

  • UI widgets
  • Prefabs (loading scenes from asset)
  • Packed assets fetch engine
  • Hardware renderer
  • WebGL hardware renderer backend
  • 2D physics