TypeDB Client API for Rust



THIS REPOSITORY HAS BEEN ARCHIVED. Please visit: @vaticle/typedb-driver/rust

TypeDB Client for Rust

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Project Status

This is a work in progress and is not yet suitable for production usage.

It can connect to TypeDB, run read and write queries, and return answers. Concept API methods are not available yet.

Client Architecture

To learn about the mechanism that a TypeDB Client uses to set up communication with databases running on the TypeDB Server, refer to TypeDB > Client API > Overview.

The TypeDB Client for Rust provides a fully async API that supports the tokio multi-threaded runtime.


  1. Import typedb-client through Cargo:
typedb-client = "0.1.2"
  1. Make sure the TypeDB Server is running.
  2. See tests/integration for examples of usage.

Build from Source

Note: You don't need to compile TypeDB Client from source if you just want to use it in your code. See the "Quickstart" section above.

  1. Make sure you have Bazel installed on your machine.

  2. Build the library:

    a) to build the native/raw rlib:

    bazel build //:typedb_client

    The rlib will be produced at: bazel-bin/libtypedb_client-{hash}.rlib.

    b) to build the crate for a Cargo project:

    bazel build //:assemble_crate

    The Cargo crate will be produced at:


    You can then unzip this crate to retrieve Cargo.toml. Please note: this process has not yet been thoroughly tested. The generated Cargo.toml may not be fully correct. See the Cargo.toml of the typedb-client crate for reference.