TypeDB Protocol

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TypeDB Driver RPC (Remote Procedure Call) Protocol

A protocol for implementing a TypeDB driver, in many popular programming languages, using GRPC (Google's Remote Procedure Call) framework.


The TypeDB protocol is provided under the Mozilla Public License 2.0 (MPL 2.0), but with the following special exception.

Any driver or client library (in each case) that implements the TypeDB protocol, and that is used to communicate or interact (in each case) with a database created or managed or accessed (in each case) using a version of the TypeDB software that is made available by or on behalf of Vaticle Limited (UK Company Number 08766237) or any successor entity (but excluding any forked version of that software), may be distributed under one of the following licences:

As used above "successor entity" means any entity then owning copyrights in the TypeDB software that were previously owned by Vaticle Limited.

If you make any change to, or contribute to, (in each case) the TypeDB protocol, then this exception will apply to any driver or client library that uses or implements that change/contribution.