All MK libraries for iOS



All MK libraries for iOS

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All MK libraries for iOS. Integrate using Carthage or CocoaPods.

Installing and/or updating dependencies

To install dependencies, do:

brew tap measurement-kit/measurement-kit
brew install ios-measurement-kit generic-assets

To upgrade dependencies, do:

brew upgrade

Local development

open mkall.xcodeproj

Building framework with Carthage and publishing it

  1. make sure that mkall/Info.plist is current;

  2. make sure that mkall/vendor dependencies are current;

  3. build using ./;

  4. commit;

  5. tag;

  6. push;

  7. create a GitHub release;

  8. publish the archive into the release.

We'll use the version number in mkall/Info.plist.

Integrate using CocoaPods

platform :ios, '9.0'
target 'targetName' do
  pod 'mkall-ios', :git => ''