Boot-clj external process execution using Apache Commons Exec.




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Boot-clj external process execution using Apache Commons Exec

boot-exec is developed and maintained by Degree9

(Sub)Process Execution for boot-clj.

  • Provides exec task for process execution
  • Provides properties task for property/config file generation.

The following outlines basic usage of the task, extensive testing has not been done. Please submit issues and pull requests!


Add boot-exec to your build.boot dependencies and require the namespace:

(set-env! :dependencies '[[degree9/boot-exec "X.Y.Z" :scope "test"]])
(require '[degree9.boot-exec :refer :all])

Execute an external build tool:

boot exec -p bower -a "install"

Create a properties file:

boot properties -f bower.json -d <some path> -c <file contents> 

Use in a wrapper task:

(boot/deftask bower
  "boot-clj wrapper for bower"
  (let [...]
      (exec/properties :contents bwrjson :directory tmp-path :file "bower.json")
      (exec/properties :contents bwrrc :directory tmp-path :file ".bowerrc")
      (exec/exec :process "bower" :arguments ["install" "--allow-root"] :directory tmp-path :local "node_modules/bower/bin"))))

Task Options

The exec task exposes options for specifying where to look for an executable and where to execute once it is found.

p process     VAL     str      "Name of process to execute."
a arguments   VAL     [str]    "A list of arguments to pass to the executable."
k cache-key   VAL     kw       "Optional cache key for when exec is used for various filesets."
d directory   VAL     str      "Optional target directory to execute the process within."
g global      VAL     str      "Optional global path to search for the executable."
l local       VAL     str      "Optional local path to search for the executable."```

The :cache-key and directory options are mutually exclusive, the task first checks for a cache-key if found this is the location where the process will execute. If a directory is provided instead the directory location will be used for execution. If neither are provided the task will generate and use a temporary directory.