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Leiningen template for libraries with better release cycle.


lein new dryewo-lib me.dryewo/<lib_name>

Then, replace REPO_OWNER/REPO_NAME in README.md with the real GitHub coordinates of the repo you'll be keeping this project in.

Among other improvements, the generated library uses an alternative release cycle:

  1. Version in project.clj is the latest release version. It's not decorated with -SNAPSHOT.
  2. When you release it, you decide which version you are releasing and run lein release <segment>, where <segment> is one of :major, :minor, :patch.
  3. During lein release mentions of the version in README.md are updated to the current one.


  • right now you have version "1.2.3" in your project.clj.
  • That means that version "1.2.3" was released a while ago, and in the repository there are some new changes since that last release.
  • You recall that you added a new nice feature that you want to release now, which means you'd like to release the current state of the codebase as "1.3.0".
  • You probably edit CHANGELOG.md and describe the feature there, and commit it.
  • You run lein release :minor, and it does for you:
    • Checks that there are no uncommitted changes
    • Bumps the version in project.clj from "1.2.3" to "1.3.0"
    • Replaces mentions of "1.2.3" in README.md with "1.3.0"
    • Commits the changes
    • Creates a tag "1.3.0"
    • Uploads the JAR to Clojars
    • git push


Copyright © 2018 Dmitrii Balakhonskii

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.