Testing utilities for Clojurescript, including interactive HTML test output.



Montoux Test

A collection of testing utilities for ClojureScript used by Montoux.


ClojureScript testing is more complicated than Clojure testing because, in general, macros are evaluated during compilation on the server, and are not available in the browser. ClojureScript's cljs.test library works around this problem by providing cljs.test/run-all-tests – a macro that generates ClojureScript that can be run in the browser to run tests with the necessary bindings in place for reporting. This macro doesn't allow dynamic changes to the test namespaces because its regex-based filtering takes place during compilation.

montoux.test.core provides deftests and run-tests which, together, allow you to generate code to run your tests at compile time, but decide which tests to run at runtime. This facilites controlling which test namespaces are run by interacting with our browser-based UI.


For browser-based testing, set up cljsbuild or figwheel to run an entry point that looks something like this:

(ns main
  (:require [montoux.test.core :as core :include-macros true]
            [montoux.test.html :as html]
            ;; include all your test namespaces here

;; enable writing test output to js console

;; generates a test factory that can be passed to `run-tests`
(core/deftests tests)

;; every call to this function will re-run tests and re-render UI output
(defn run-tests []
  (core/run-tests tests (html/initialise (core/default-env))))

;; hook into browser history so that links can re-run tests
(html/on-url-change #'run-tests)

;; run tests for the first time

When loaded by the browser, your tests will run automatically when figwheel updates or when you navigate using one of the links on the page. This helps support fast test-driven development.


The HTML output provides the following features:

  • run only one namespace by clicking on the specific namespace link
  • run all tests by clicking on the summary link (top bar)
  • show/hide a list of tests by clicking anywhere else on the namespace row
  • show/hide the output from a single test by clicking on the test row (not the link)
  • click the small link to the right of a test failure to jump to that source location (Cursive)
  • test output is also available in the Javascript Console


This namespace provides utilities for setting the exit code based on test output in nodejs. See test.node.


We commonly make important API entry points dynamic to facilitate mock-based testing. The mock namespace provides generator functions that produce stateful objects that behave like functions and keep track of calls. For example:

(deftest test-important-api
  (binding [backend/store! (mock/stub :ok)]
    (is (= :ok (important-api :value)))
    (is (= [:value]
           (mock/last-call backend/store!)))


Montoux Test is available from

Add this to your :dependencies in project.clj:

[montoux/test "1.0.0"]


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