Bootstrap toggle rewrite for reagent or re-frame

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re-frame Bootstrap Toggle

Bootstrap Toggle is a flexible Bootstrap plugin that converts checkboxes into toggles. This is fully reactive rewrite of the JavaScript part for re-frame. It doesn't use checkboxes and of course no jQuery! And actually, it doesn't even depend on re-frame, it should work in any Reagent app.

Visit for demos of the abilities.

Getting Started


Add this to your dependencies:

[re-frame-bootstrap-toggle "0.1.1"]

Also, you need to include a stylesheet from the css directory.


  (:require [re-frame.core :refer [subscribe dispatch]]
            [re-frame-bootstrap-toggle.core :refer [toggle]]))

(defn view []
  (let [state (subscribe [:toggle-state])]
    (fn []
      [toggle {:checked @toggle-state
               :on-click #(dispatch [:toggle-the-toggle])}])))


You can pass additional options along with :checked and :on-click:

Name Type Default Description
:on string or hiccup "On" Label of the on toggle
:off string or hiccup "Off" Label of the off toggle
:onstyle string "primary" Style of the on toggle. Possible values are the button classes without the leading btn-, such as "info" or "warning"
:offstyle string "default" Same as :onstyle, but for the off toggle
:width integer nil Sets the width of the toggle. If set to nil, width will be calculated.
:height integer nil Sets the height of the toggle. If set to nil, height will be calculated.

The following options are not yet supported, but patches are welcome!

Name Type Default Description
:size string "normal" Size of the toggle. Possible values are "large", "normal", "small", "mini".
:style string Appends the value to the class attribute of the toggle. This can be used to apply custom styles. Refer to Custom Styles for reference.

But I need the checkbox!

While the checkbox introduces some state issues, it's no biggy to just add them yourself in case you want to submit the state in a form. You probably want to add a hidden field.

(defn view []
  (let [state (subscribe [:toggle-state])]
    (fn []
        [toggle {:checked @toggle-state
                 :on-click #(dispatch [:toggle-the-toggle])}]
        [:input {:type "hidden"
                 :name "toggle"
                 :value (if @toggle-state "on" "off")}])))

Usage with Bootstrap 4

We use Bootstrap 3.3, but it seems pretty strait forward to use with Bootstrap 4 as well. First you have to set the :offstyle, since the btn-default css class was renamed to btn-secondary. Then you need to include the css rules mentioned in this GitHub issue.