Some utilities to do async http requests with aleph



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A Clojure utility to do async http requests with Aleph. This library simplifies all the related boilerplate.


request-utils is available as a Maven artifact from Clojars

With Leiningen/Boot:

[weareswat/request-utils "0.4.0"]


For now we just support the following operations:

  • get via http-get fn
  • post via http-post fn
  • put via http-put fn

Every operation has an async interface, so it returns a channel.

  • GET to http://app.clanhr.com/directory-api/
(ns my-app.core
  (:require [request-utils.core :as request-utils]))

(defn example-of-request
  (request-utils/http-get {:host "http://app.clanhr.com/directory-api/"}))

The request-utils/http-get should return a map in the following format:

    {:success true
     :status 200
     :requests 1
     :name ClanHR Directory API} 

As you can see in the following example the data is a map with all data related with the request:

   {:host 'http://api.fake.com'
    :path '/fake/path'
    :query-params {:a '1' :b '2'}
    :headers {'content-type' 'application/json'
              'Authorization' 'ewqjwehqkwh'}
    :body {:name 'fake name' :age 34}}

Only the host is required. It's mandatory to have the protocol and the host together.


  • lein test - runs the test suite *
  • lein autotest -listen for file changes and is always running tests

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