Compile wisp expressions to JavaScript in your Clojure project!



Wisp Compiler

This lets you compile wisp forms (or strings) into Javascript

Simple Usage

  (wisp-compile (foo :bar the-qux))
  ;=> "foo('bar', theQux);"


This allows you to embed Clojure-flavoured JavaScript into your hiccup, pages, e.g.:

    [:button {:onclick (wisp-compile (hello-world))} "Hello!"]
    [:script (wisp-compile
      (defn hello-world []
        (alert (str :Hello " World!"))))]])

which will compile into

    <button onclick="helloWorld();">Hello!</button>
        var helloWorld = function helloWorld() {
            return alert('' + 'Hello' + ' World!');

Advanced usage

To use the more advanced wisp features, you'll need to include the runtime, the sequence and string libraries into the page. This should be possible by including the resources/wisp/{runtime,sequence,string}.js files into the page (in this order).

For caching reasons, you should probably just copy them into your public folder, but for convenience I am also exposing them as wisp-runtime, wisp-sequence, wisp-string, and altogether as wisp-includes functions that return these files as strings

Compiling wisp

In the resources/wisp directory, run make compiler to re-compile the wisp compiler

Copyright © 2018 Maximilian Gerlach

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.