JWPlayerKit for iOS. SDKs page: https://www.jwplayer.com/products/mobile-sdk/

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JW Player SDK for iOS

Document version: 12/07/2023 SDK version: 4.17.1

Getting support and submitting feedback

To send us your feedback or bug reports, please visit our Support Portal. Select “I have a question for the technical support team” or “I want to report a bug” and then follow the steps to report your issue. Our support team will follow up in a timely manner.

Before contacting us, please read our FAQ.

To ask technical questions please open an issue in our Best Practice Apps repo.

Using the SDK library

For integration instructions and API reference, see the developer guide.

Best Practice Apps

The source code of sample projects demonstrating how to use some of the SDK's advanced functionality can be found in the jwplayer-ios-bestPracticeApps repo.

License notices

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