A Python 3.6+ implementation of the Language Server Protocol making use of Jedi, pycodestyle, Pyflakes and YAPF.

conda install -c conda-forge python-lsp-server


Python LSP Server

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A Python 3.6+ implementation of the Language Server Protocol.


The base language server requires Jedi to provide Completions, Definitions, Hover, References, Signature Help, and Symbols:

pip install python-lsp-server

If the respective dependencies are found, the following optional providers will be enabled:

  • Rope for Completions and renaming
  • Pyflakes linter to detect various errors
  • McCabe linter for complexity checking
  • pycodestyle linter for style checking
  • pydocstyle linter for docstring style checking (disabled by default)
  • autopep8 for code formatting
  • YAPF for code formatting (preferred over autopep8)

Optional providers can be installed using the extras syntax. To install YAPF formatting for example:

pip install 'python-lsp-server[yapf]'

All optional providers can be installed using:

pip install 'python-lsp-server[all]'

If you get an error similar to 'install_requires' must be a string or list of strings then please upgrade setuptools before trying again.

pip install -U setuptools

3rd Party Plugins

Installing these plugins will add extra functionality to the language server:

Please see the above repositories for examples on how to write plugins for the Python LSP Server.

cookiecutter-pylsp-plugin is a cookiecutter template for setting up a basic plugin project for python-lsp-server. It documents all the essentials you need to know to kick start your own plugin project.

Please file an issue if you require assistance writing a plugin.


Configuration is loaded from zero or more configuration sources. Currently implemented are:

  • pycodestyle: discovered in ~/.config/pycodestyle, setup.cfg, tox.ini and pycodestyle.cfg.
  • flake8: discovered in ~/.config/flake8, setup.cfg, tox.ini and flake8.cfg

The default configuration source is pycodestyle. Change the pylsp.configurationSources setting to ['flake8'] in order to respect flake8 configuration instead.

Overall configuration is computed first from user configuration (in home directory), overridden by configuration passed in by the language client, and then overridden by configuration discovered in the workspace.

To enable pydocstyle for linting docstrings add the following setting in your LSP configuration: "pylsp.plugins.pydocstyle.enabled": true

All configuration options are described in

LSP Server Features

  • Auto Completion
  • Code Linting
  • Signature Help
  • Go to definition
  • Hover
  • Find References
  • Document Symbols
  • Document Formatting
  • Code folding
  • Multiple workspaces


To run the test suite:

pip install '.[test]' && pytest

After adding configuration options to schema.json, refresh the file with

python scripts/ pylsp/config/schema.json


This project is made available under the MIT License.