Perl extension for libplot plotting library



libplot-perl is copyrighted by John Lapeyre <>

This program may be distributed only under the terms
of the Gnu General Public License or the perl Artistic License.

This is a perl module which allows the libplot plotting 
routines to be called from the perl scripting language.
libplot currently takes relatively primitive graphics commands.
Several output formats, including xfig, postscript and
an X11 driver are available. (All the drivers in libplot seem to

In order to build this package, you need the libplot library to
be built and installed.  It is part of the plotutils package,
available wherever fine FSF products are sold.
You need the plot.h header file as well as the
shared library.

On some systems, the module will build with

perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install

This has been tested under Debian Gnu/Linux and 
on a DEC Alpha running Digital Unix.

In the source tree is a directory, "examples" with
a readme and some sample scripts.

John Lapeyre <>