Perl implementation of the Neo4j Driver API




This is an unofficial Perl implementation of the Neo4j Driver API. It enables interacting with a Neo4j database server using more or less the same classes and method calls as the official Neo4j drivers do. Responses from the Neo4j server are passed through to the client as-is.

This driver extends the uniformity across languages, which is a stated goal of the Neo4j Driver API, to Perl. The downside is that this driver doesn't offer fully-fledged object bindings like the REST::Neo4p module does. Nor does it offer any DBI integration. However, it avoids the legacy cypher endpoint, assuring compatibility with future Neo4j versions.

This software has pre-release quality. There is no schedule for further development. The interface is not yet stable.

See the TODO document and Github for known issues and planned improvements. Please report new issues and other feedback on Github.


Released versions of Neo4j::Driver may be installed via CPAN:

cpanm Neo4j::Driver

To install a development version from this repository, run the following steps:

  1. git clone && cd neo4j-driver-perl
  2. dzil build (requires Dist::Zilla)
  3. cpanm <archive>.tar.gz

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