Static Perl Virtual Machine. Fast Calculation, Fast Array Operation, and Easy C/C++ Binding.



SPVM - Static Perl Virtual Machine

Static Perl Virtual Machine. Fast calculation, fast array operation, and easy C/C++ Binding.


  • Fast calculation, Fast array operation, Small memory
  • Perl syntax, Static typing, Switch syntax, Have language specification
  • Enum, Type inference, Anon subroutine, Variable captures
  • Array initialization,
  • Reference count GC, Weaken reference, Module system
  • Exception, Package variable
  • Object oriented, Inteface, Value type, Value array type, Reference type
  • Easy way to C/C++ binding, Automatically Perl binding, C99 math functions
  • Dynamic linking, Subroutine precompile, AOT compile(create exe file)
  • Native API(C level api), C99 standard


SPVM Module:

  # lib/MyMath.spvm
  package MyMath {
    sub sum : int ($nums : int[]) {
      my $total = 0;
      for (my $i = 0; $i < @$nums; $i++) {
        $total += $nums->[$i];
      return $total;

Use SPVM Module from Perl

  use FindBin;
  use lib "$FindBin::Bin/lib";
  use SPVM 'MyMath';
  # Call subroutine
  my $total = MyMath->sum([3, 6, 8, 9]);
  print $total . "\n";

More imformation

SPVM Document