Tools for Cycling Data Analysis




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This package contains several functions I have found to be useful for analysing cycling data.


For the active development version, install via devtools:


Otherwise, stable versions are available on CRAN:

install.packages("cycleRtools", dependencies = c("Depends", "Suggests", "Imports", "LinkingTo"))

It is advised that Suggests be installed so that the full functionality of the package is available. See Package Suggests below for details.

To be able to read .srm files, you'll need to install Rainer Clasen's srmio library.

See package documentation and vignettes for more information and usage examples.

Package Suggests

This package only depends on Rcpp and xml2. However, certain functions also make use of:

  • raster — functions for elevation correction.
  • pspline — function LT() for calculating lactate thresholds.
  • minpack.lm — for more robust nls modelling in Pt_model().
  • RCurl — for interfacing with Golden Cheetah (> v3.3).
  • leaflet — for maps. See vignette.