Simulate and render particles to SVG

elm-package install BrianHicks/elm-particle 1.5.0



Simple particle system for web apps. Designed for visual flourishes like confetti.

elm install BrianHicks/elm-particle

Getting Started

The general overview of elm-particle:

  1. Create a Random generator for the types of particles you want.
  2. Combine those to make effects, like confetti bursting or a stream of water.
  3. Give those to a system which manages random seeds and animation frame subscriptions for you!

You can see fully worked examples online:

The source for these examples all live in the examples directory on GitHub.

If you'd like to see how this is done step-by-step, I gave a 20-minute presentation at Olso Elm Day 2019. There's also an Elm town episode on the background behind elm-particle.

Climate Action

I want my open-source activities to support projects addressing the climate crisis (for example, projects in clean energy, public transit, reforestation, or sustainable agriculture.) If you are working on such a project, and find a bug or missing feature in any of my libraries, please let me know and I will treat your issue as high priority. I'd also be happy to support such projects in other ways. In particular, I've worked with Elm for a long time and would be happy to advise on your implementation.


elm-particle is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause license, located at LICENSE.