Collection of reusable views for elm-ui.

elm-package install Orasund/elm-ui-widgets 3.1.0



This package contains independent widgets (no components) written for Elm-Ui. These widgets have no dependencies to other parts of this package. So you can just use as much as you need.

Feel free to start an issue on the repository if you have any questions.

Example using the Material Design style

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Each widget comes with a Widget Type and a Style Type.

  • The Widget Type is an abstract representation of the widget. They can be used as building Blocks for more complicated Widgets.
  • Style Type has all styling attributes (similar to Element.Attribute).

As example, consider the button widget.

Style Type

button: ButtonStyle msg
        { text : String
        , icon : Icon
        , onPress : Maybe msg
    -> Element msg

In comparison to Elm-Ui's button, we see that List (Attribute msg) has changed into a Style Type. If we look into the Style type, we see that it mirrors the implementation.

type alias ButtonStyle msg =
    { elementButton : List (Attribute msg)
    , ifDisabled : List (Attribute msg)
    , ifActive : List (Attribute msg)
    , otherwise : List (Attribute msg)
    , content : 
          { elementRow : List (Attribute msg)
          , content :
              { text : { contentText : List (Attribute msg) }
              , icon : IconStyle

So the resulting Elm-Ui code looks like this:

button style { onPress, text, icon } =
           ++ (if onPress == Nothing then

       { onPress = onPress
       , label =
           Element.row style.content.elementRow
               [ icon
                   (if onPress == Nothing then

               , Element.text text |> Element.el style.content.content.text.contentText


For actually displaying the button we have a few different implementations:

containedButton : Palette -> ButtonStyle msg
containedButton =

outlinedButton : Palette -> ButtonStyle msg
outlinedButton =

textButton : Palette -> ButtonStyle msg
textButton =

** Widget Type **

We also have a Widget Type for the button:

type alias Button msg =
    { text : String
    , icon : Icon
    , onPress : Maybe msg

We can use it to build more complex widgets, for example a select button:

type alias Select msg =
    { selected : Maybe Int
    , options :
            { text : String
            , icon : Icon
    , onSelect : Int -> Maybe msg

select :
    Select msg
    -> List ( Bool, Button msg )

selectButton :
    ButtonStyle msg
    -> ( Bool, Button msg )
    -> Element msg

Checkout the examples in Widget for more details.

Reusable Views vs. Components

In Elm we like to use reusable views instead of components. At first this packages had a few components, but they where more complicated in comparison. They got slowly turned into reusable views one by one. Most have been reduced even further into view functions: Reusable views without a model. All function in Widget are view functions.


For comparison, here are some alternative packages for creating UIs:


After looking at the current packages that implement various reusable views (and components) I noticed two things:

  • There are (nearly) no widgets for Elm-Ui, and that's a problem because while going from Element to Html is easy, the opposite is not always possible (as a lot of styling in Elm-Ui would not be adapted to the Html element.)
  • There is no collection of widgets, all in one place. A lot of components get reimplemented over and over again. It's hard to keep track of what package is currently the best.

This package tries to solve both of these problems.


  • Version 3.0.0 - Reworked Style Types making it easier to customize. Added full icon support.
  • Version 2.0.0 - Complete rewrite of the package. Now including a material design implementation.