findcycles filters directed DOT graphs, returning only the nodes that are in a cycle.

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findcycles(1) filters a DOT format graph, keeping only nodes that are in in cycles. Input is taken on stdin, output is provied on stdout.

It proved useful to me while debugging cycles in systemd units. For systemd graphs, only the After edges are relevant for ordering cycles. You can filter them out with grep(1) or some other tool to get a more concise output graph.

To generate a suitable graph from systemd, you can issue a shell command as described in the following link:

Afterwards, I did the following to study the cycles:

$ < grep -P 'digraph|\}|green' | findcycles |
    dot -Tsvg > cycles-order.svg
$ < findcycles |
    dot -Tsvg > cycles-all.svg

NOTE: findcycles(1) may very well contain bugs when used outside the realm of systemd graphs, you have been warned