Manage RAW Photo collection

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photos: RAW Photo library manager


  • imagemagick (-action previews if rawtherapee not in PATH)
  • gphoto2 (-action import)
  • ffmpeg for .MOVs (-action import, currently only uses ffprobe for metadata)
  • rawtherapee (-action convert)

What it does

  1. Imports images to -raws
  2. Symlinks those raws to -collection in an opinionated directory hierarchy
  3. At this point you can:
    • rename and/or move any of those symlink (as long as the symlink stays intact and remains a descendant of -collection)
    • review em using the builtin rating application -action rate
    • edit the raws in -collection with rawtherapee
  4. Ratings and deleted/trash flag will be synced between all symlinks of a given raw
  5. Convert images to jpegs using the rawtherapee.pp3 sidecar file and store em in -jpegs using the same directory hierarchy as the one we/you have created in -collection


photos -h

also see the examples in repo

required flags:

photos -raws <rawDir> -collection <collectionDir> -jpegs <jpegDir>


photos -base <basedir>

which defaults to

photos -raws <basedir>/Originals -collection <basedir>/Collection -jpegs <basedir>/Converted

common usage

  • Import photos if camera is connected.
  • Create symlinks to my_library/Collection.
  • Sync metadata between rawtherapees .pp3 and our own .meta files.
  • Check symlinks again in case a metadata file indicated a delete.
  • Generate previews.

`photos -base my_library -action import,link,sync-meta,link,previews

  • Rate images.
  • Sync metadata to rawtherapees .pp3 files.

photos -base my_library -action rate,sync-meta,link -filter unrated

  • Remove converted images and pp3s whose RAWs have been deleted and/or those with a low rating.

photos -base my_library -action cleanup -gt 2

  • Convert images with a rating > 2 and have been opened in rawtherapee (-edited) to jpegs

`photos -base my_library -action convert -sizes 3840,1920,800 -filter undeleted,edited -gt 2

  • Merge library two onto one

rsync -ua two/ one


go get -u