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NRT-Splitter is a command-line utility that does post-processes for csv reports. It walks through a designated folder to deal with each valid csv files, and ignores any other file type.

basic usage

Download a pre-built binary distribution for your platform (Windows, Linux, Mac), from the releases area of this repository:

Unpack the downloaded zip file, and you should see a folder structure like this:


In the folder:

  • the report_splitter executable (report_splitter.exe if on windows)
  • a configuration file (config.toml)
  • a subfolder called /data which has a sample package file (

report_splitter ignores any command-line parameters or flags except its designated configuration file path.

If running report_splitter without designating configuration file path, default config.toml under same directory would apply to executable.


# This is a sample configuration.

InFolder = "./in/"      # (string), in which folder splitter processes report csv files.
WalkSubFolders = false  # (bool), if true, splitter process every file including the file in sub-folders; otherwise, ignores sub-folder files.
TrimColAfterSplit = true # (bool), if true, also apply [Trim] Columns to the result of [Split]

Enabled = true                            # (bool), turn on/off Trim function.
Columns = ["School", "YrLevel", "Domain"] # (string array), which columns to be removed from original csv file.
OutFolder = "./out/"                      # (string), in which folder trimmed csv files should be output.

Enabled = true                            # (bool), turn on/off Split function.
OutFolder = "./out/"                      # (string), in which folder split results should be output.
Schema = ["School", "YrLevel", "Domain"]  # (string array), header sequence for splitting. Each header creates its split category folder.
IgnoreFolder = "./ignore/"                # (string), If not empty string, dump unsplittable csv file into this folder. If empty, ignore unsplittable csv files.

Enabled = true                                                   # (bool), turn on/off Merge function.
MergedName = "GrammarAndPunctuation"                             # (string), the name of merged folder.
Schema = ["GrammarAndPunctuation", "Grammar And Punctuation"]    # (string array), under same parent directory, those folders merge into 'MergedName' folder. 

play with sample

  1. Under /NRT-Splitter-Linux-v0_0_1, unpack sample package, unzip ./data/ -d ./in/.
  2. Modify config.toml, set InFolder value to "./in/".
  3. Make sure config.toml is in the same directory of report_splitter.
  4. Run ./report_splitter(.exe).
  5. Results should be in ./out/ (as you set in configuration) folder after running ./report_splitter(.exe).