A quick and dirty Bibtex package for working with BibTeX content, see for something useful.

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A quick and dirty BibTeX package. Includes a simple plain text to BibTeX parser.

Prior art

  • makebib.perl - Converts plain text through a series regexp rules into BibTeX
    • Perl script includes self test that maybe helpful
  • pybtex - Python BibTeX processor
  • peer2 - Golang port of a Python tool called peer, it can do basic BibTeX format parsing
  • r59-lex.go - Golang, simple lexer example using goroutines
  • nickng/bibtex - Golang, BibTeX parser package
  • tmc/bibtex - Golang, BibTeX parser package
  • sotetsuk/gobibtext - Golang, a BibTeX parser implementing the Decode, Encode function approach

Use case input examples

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