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Welcome to Operator, a tool that aids developing and maintaining ChatOps commands backed by RPC services.

Given a set of Protocol Buffers service definitions (.proto files) it generates:

  • Hubot scripts for interacting with the RPC services through chat.
  • A command-line program that's equivalent to the Hubot scripts except it works even when chat is down.
  • A gRPC server daemon exposing all services for both clients to communicate with. Automatically logs all requests (audit log).

Checkout the chatoops directory for a complete example showing how to implement services and what the generated code looks like. Also includes a Makefile demonstrating how to install and use this project.

DISCLAIMER: This project hasn't been used in production yet and is very much unstable. Consider this is a verly early preview release. Ping @sr on Twitter or open an issue if you have any question or feedback.