The Haskell Common Architecture for Building Applications and Libraries: a framework defining a common interface for authors to more easily build their Haskell applications in a portable way. The Haskell Cabal is part of a larger infrastructure for distributing, organizing, and cataloging Haskell libraries and tools.

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This Cabal Git repository contains the following main packages:

The canonical upstream repository is located at

Ways to get the cabal-install binary

  1. GHCup (preferred): get GHCup using the directions on its website and run:

    ghcup install --set cabal latest
  2. Download from official website: the cabal-install binary download for your platform should contain the cabal executable.

Ways to build cabal-install for everyday use

  1. With cabal-install: if you have a pre-existing version of cabal-install, run:

    cabal install cabal-install

    to get the latest version of cabal-install. (You may want to cabal update first.)

  2. From Git: again with a pre-existing version of cabal-install, you can install the latest version from the Git repository. Clone the Git repository, move to its root, and run:

    cabal install --project-file=cabal.project.release cabal-install
  3. Bootstrapping: if you don't have a pre-existing version of cabal-install, look into the bootstrap directory.

Build for hacking and contributing to cabal

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