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The repository provides an API definition, data types, client and utilities for working with Blockfrost. We are striving to provide beginner-friendly interface while adding a bit of type safety, especially when working with monetary values.


Getting started

To use this SDK, you first need to log in to, create your project and retrieve the API token.


The packages are not yet published on Hackage. For now, you can either work within this repository using plain cabal or in combination with nix.


If you already have GHC and cabal installed:

git clone
cd blockfrost-haskell
cabal update
cabal build all
cabal repl blockfrost-client

Note: Due to TLS support, you might need to provide zlib headers if compilation of http-client-tls fails. (On NixOS this is nix-shell -p


Using nix-shell, you can obtain a preconfigured environment with GHC and cabal:

git clone
cd blockfrost-haskell
cabal build all
cabal repl blockfrost-client


See blockfrost-client for a tutorial and usage examples.

Readme of blockfrost-api contains a short primer for working with Blockfrost types, data samples and monetary values.